Electrical Services

Energy Management has always been a complex business and in today’s current climate it has never been so vital to understand your energy costs. From installation energy services, smart meters, bill validation, carbon reduction programmes to setting budgets, the list seems endless.

Haleys understands that Energy Management is a long term commitment. We work with your business to identify your energy needs and can provide a complete Energy Management solution , our objective is to help your business manage energy consumption and costs in the most effective way possible.

Consumption Reporting

Effective management of your energy usage gives you the power to reduce waste and cut costs which leads to increased profitability. Haleys can compile monthly consumption reports to give you an accurate record of your energy usage to provide opportunities for identifying reductions in your overall energy spend.

Smart Metering & AMR (Automated Meter Readings)

We fully appreciate the advantages that smart metering and AMR technologies bring to businesses, which is why we can offer both. Smart metering and AMR meters can also help to reduce your business’ carbon footprint and costs by letting you analyse data in a number of different ways. With supplier’s web based applications you can view your consumption in real time. This service also eliminates estimated bills and improves a company’s cash flow.

Group Buying

Basket buying is an innovative, fully risk managed, flexible purchasing solution with a record of delivering quantifiable results. By using a flexible energy contract we can lock in prices if it is judged the market is rising and unlock commitments should prices be softening.

We currently have a number of basket groups available including, care homes, charities, hotels, manufacturing, government and chemical plants.

To qualify for the group buying scheme you have to consume at least 100,000kWh of energy. This can be spread out over a multitude of sites.

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